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Don’t Let the Christian Extremists Hijack the Love Hormone!

A much discussed feature of oxytocin is that the love hormone appears to be present in females to a stronger degree than in men.  Apparently related to this is the role that oxytocin plays in social bonding, from a mother and her new born child, to feelings of trust, empathy, and even sexual attraction between strangers.

The Christian Right are now seizing on these scientific observations to promote their moral agenda of slut shaming and controlling both female and male sexuality.  Women shouldn’t sleep around because it is unnatural, giving that women are the ‘oxytocin gender’ and oxytocin promotes faithfulness and, allegedly, monogamy.

A ‘GreenLeft’ website has attacked Christians for promoting a booklet which claims that oxytocin ‘proves’ that promiscuity is harmful and wrong.

The booklet, entitled Science and Facts, was used as part of a Christian sex education program at the public school. The program is run by Epic Youth, part of the Pentecostal megachurch “CityLife”.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in social bonding. It is also a hormone that regulates lactation and uterine contractions. The booklet claims that as women have more oxytocin than men, sleeping around is dangerous for young women.

If a guy wants to take a heterosexual relationship to the next stage, it’s harder for the girl to say no. If she forges too many “oxytocin bonds” with too many guys, she becomes “like a piece of overused sticky tape” unable to have a committed relationship.

The booklet has been rightly criticised by feminists all over the country. Women should be free to do whatever they want with their own body. But the booklet should not be slammed just for feminist reasons. This nonsense does not just prompt young women to lead unadventurous sex lives. It also prompts them to fail their neuroscience degree. This simply is not science.



Love Hormone Could Treat Anorexia

Treating sufferers of anorexia nervosa is the latest hope of researchers studying the remarkable properties of the love hormone Oxytocin.

Researchers in the UK and South Korea have found that oxytocin can help sufferers of anorexia by reducing the emotional connection to both food and body images.

In the first study, published today in Psychoneuroendocrinology, 31 patients with anorexia and 33 healthy controls were given either a dose of oxytocin, delivered via nasal spray, or a placebo. The participants were then asked to look at sequences of images relating to food (high and low calorie), body shape (fat and thin), and weight (scales). Once the images flashed on screen, the researchers measured how quickly participants identified the images. If they had a tendency to focus on the negative images, they would identify them more rapidly. The test was done before and after taking oxytocin or placebo.


After taking oxytocin, patients with anorexia reduced their focus (or ‘attentional bias’) on images of food and fat body parts. The effect of oxytocin was particularly strong in patients with anorexia who had greater communication problems.


The second study, published in PLOS ONE, involved the same participants. A similar test was done, before and after oxytocin or placebo, but this time testing the participants’ reactions to facial expressions, such as anger, disgust or happiness. After taking a dose of oxytocin, patients with anorexia were less likely to focus on the ‘disgust’ faces. They were also less likely to avoid looking at angry faces, and became simply vigilant to them.




Love Hormone Could Relieve Pain

The love hormone oxytocin could play a role in relieving pain for mothers experiencing child birth, according to a researcher speaking at a conference of anaesthetists.

Before the remarkable properties of oxytocin relating to trust, love, and sociability were known, scientists were already aware of the hormone’s key role in the relationship between a mother and her new born child. For example, oxytocin is released into the mother’s bloodstream during contractions, and also helps to stimulate milk production during breast feeding.

Professor Landau will tell the conference that this remarkable hormone may also have a role as a drug to control pain.

“Women who have caesarean sections are found to suffer less chronic pain than following other operations, such as hysterectomies. This is believed to be due to the release of oxytocin during labour,” she says. “It is possible this hormone may have further therapeutic uses in helping to relieve pain.”


Source : http://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/un-doctored/2012/may-2012/15/oxytocin-the-love-hormone%E2%80%99s-new-role-in-pain-relief.aspx


Check Your Oxytocin Love Hormone Levels to See How Long a Relationship Will Last!

How long a new relationship will last can be accurately predicted by measuring the amount of oxytocin that two lovers have in their bloodstream. Researchers found that newly smitten lovers with higher levels of oxytocin were more likely to still be a couple 6 months later.

The findings are further proof of the key role that the love hormone oxytocin plays in romance and bonding relationships.

The extent to which a woman will trust you, like you, bond with you, and even sleep with you, is largely determined by the amount of oxytocin that you can cause her to produce.

Sources include : http://todayhealth.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/24/10498476-will-new-love-last-check-your-oxytocin


Love Hormone Oxytocin Makes Mothers Kinder

Numerous studies have shown the relationship between the love hormone oxytocin and feelings of affection and bonding between individuals, particularly between mothers and their children and between partners.

A recent study found that men who were given oxytocin believed that their relationship with their mother was closer and more affectionate than other men on the trial who were merely given a placebo.  However, the mother/son relationship had to be positive in the first place.  Men who had a bad relationship with their mother described the relationship as even worse after being given oxytocin.  This led to fears that oxytocin might have a ‘dark side’ and may even make violent criminals more aggressive.

A large scale study has been conducted on Rhesus monkeys to investigate these fears further.  Rhesus monkeys are known for their hostility and aggression, but the research study found that oxytocin did indeed make them more social and less aggressive.

It appears that oxytocin truly is the love hormone!

Read More : http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/love-drug-oxytocin-cuddle-chemical-scientists-makes-mothers/story?id=15330910#.TyE054G0NPJ


Oxytocin Spray May Ease Social Anxiety

Researchers at Concordia University have discovered that the love hormone oxytocin may help ease social anxiety.  The results of their study were published in the journal Psychopharmacology and provide the first definitive proof that oxytocin can alleviate anxiety in social situations such as speaking in public, a first date, or approaching the opposite sex.

The Concordia researchers found that an intranasal form (nasal spray) of oxytocin can improve self-perception in social situations.  This has long been suspected, but this study provides the first confirmation.

At present there are only two companies that market oxytocin spray as a means of alleviating social anxiety – Oxytocin Factor and Liquid Trust.



Oxytocin – The Love Hormone

Oxytocin is the naturally occuring chemical produced by the body in order to promote empathy, bonding, trust, and other positive social feelings.  Since these amazing facets of oxytocin have increasingly become known to researchers, and then to the public through popular media, the chemical has been dubbed the ‘love hormone’, and also the ‘cuddle hormone’.

Oxytocin has been found to play a particular role in the reproductive behaviour of females.  Scientists have long known that the hormone is associated with child birth and the mother’s bonding with her child.  But it has also been found that the oxytocin levels of a woman play a key role in her sexual life too.  For example, oxytocin levels rise in a woman’s body after she has made love.  Her oxytocin level also plays a key role in whether she will find a particular male sexually attractive.


Oxytocin Factor Love Hormone Spray

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